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Enhanced Performance By CEUK

MK8 Fiesta ST - Stage 3 Intake Kit - Enhanced Performance

MK8 Fiesta ST - Stage 3 Intake Kit - Enhanced Performance


The all new Stage 3 ready Intake kit from our sister company Enhanced Performance is here!

Replacing the entire system from the Airbox to the turbo, this kit is designed to maximise power!

Improving performance and offering an aggressive intake sound we have ensured that the maximum amount of airflow is delivered as quickly as possible to where it's needed!


  1. 1x Enhanced Performance Crossover Pipe
  2. 1x Turbo to Crossover couple silicone
  3. 1x Silicone Primary Hose (Blue, Red or black)
  4. 1x Enhanced Performance Intake Cage
  5. 1x Enhanced Performance Sensor Tube
  6. 1x Enhanced Performance Filter (Pro Cotton, Foam or Standard Cotton)
  7. 2x Jubilee Clips


Each component has been designed to maximise airflow giving a speedy delivery to the turbo, Our free flowing pipe is 25% larger in internal diameter than the oem counterpart, and removes the bend in the middle section which has been known to create turbulence! Overall a wider smoother route for air to pass giving more power!

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