Colour Guide

Please note that colours are an indication only and may vary slightly to actual colour

Printed items such as oval gels etc, may vary in shade to the vinyl colour due to printing constraints. This particularly affects vibrant blue colours.

Colours can also vary slightly between gloss and matt finishes and different light conditions

  • Avery Black


    Available in gloss or matt finish

  • Avery Komatsu Grey

    Komatsu Grey

  • Avery Dark Grey

    Dark Grey

    Available in gloss or matt finish

  • Grey

    Available in matt finish only

  • Light Grey

    Available in gloss or matt finish

  • Avery White


    Available in gloss or matt finish

  • Avery Light Primrose Yellow

    Light Primrose Yellow

  • Avery Primrose Yellow

    Primrose Yellow

    A good match to Mountune yellow

  • Avery Light Orange

    Light Orange

    A good match for the Mk4 Focus ST Orange Fury

  • Orange

    A good match for the Mk8 Fiesta ST Performance Edition

  • Avery Red


    Available in gloss or matt finish

  • Avery Dark Red

    Dark Red

    A good match for Ford Ruby Red

  • Avery Pink


  • Avery Magenta


  • Avery Telemagenta


  • Avery 500 Violet


  • Avery 700 Violet (Cadbury Purple)

    Cadbury Purple

  • Avery Turquoise


  • Avery Petrol


  • Pacific Blue

    A perfect match to the latest original ford badge background colour

  • Delft Blue

    Delft Blue

  • Avery Marine Blue

    Marine Blue

  • Avery Brilliant Blue

    Brilliant Blue

    A perfect match to the original OEM Ford RS logo & badges

  • Avery Bright Blue

    Bright Blue

  • Avery Gentian Blue

    Gentian Blue

  • Avery Sky Blue

    Sky Blue

    A good match for the Mk3 Focus RS in Nitrous Blue & latest Azure Blue

  • Avery Light Blue

    Light Blue

  • Avery Mint


  • Avery Green Yellow

    Green Yellow

  • Avery Lime


    A good match to the Mk2 Focus RS Ultimate Green

  • Avery Grass Green

    Grass Green

    A good match for Ford Mean Green

  • Green

  • Emerald Green

  • Avery Gold


  • Copper


  • Fluorescent Green

  • Fluorescent Yellow

  • Fluorescent Pink

  • Fluorescent Orange

  • Black Spectrum

  • Silver Spectrum

  • Copper Spectrum

  • Rose Gold Spectrum

  • Red Spectrum

  • Amethyst Spectrum

  • Carbon

    This is a matt textured finish.

    This vinyl features air release technology and can be fitted dry

  • Grey Metallic

    A perfect match for the grey plastic trims found on latest ford models (e.g. fog surrounds)

  • Silver

  • Black Glitter

  • Red Glitter

  • Blue Glitter

  • Dark Blue Glitter

  • Violet Glitter

  • Pink Glitter

  • Sky Blue to Marine Blue

  • Red to Orange

  • Red to Marine Blue

  • Magenta to Sky Blue

  • Lime to Primrose Yellow

  • Light Grey to Magenta

  • Black to Sky Blue

  • Black to Grass Green

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  • Orange -

    Fiesta Mk8 Performance Edition

  • Light Orange -

    Focus Mk4 ST Orange Fury

  • Light Grey -

    Mk8 Fiesta ST Silver Fox & Mk2 Puma ST Grey Matter

  • Lime -

    Mk2 Focus RS

  • Grass Green

    Mk2 Puma ST, Mk8.5 Fiesta ST & Mk4.5 Focus ST in Mean Green

  • Sky Blue -

    Mk3.5 Focus RS in Nitrous Blue

    Mk8 Fiesta, MK4 Focus ST Edition & Mk2 Puma ST in Azure Blue

Printed vs Vinyl vs Screen colour differences

There are some colours in our guide that will not look exactly the same when made. This is due to the colour make up and the profiles of our printers. we have taken every possible route to make sure that the colours are as close match using the CMYK colour codes.

This will mainly effect Blue colours in the guide.

If you have any questions then please contact us.