Mk8 Fiesta Full Interior Dress Up Kit - Bulk Discount!

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Consists of:

  • Sync 3 Carbon Gel Surround
  • Headlight Control Panel Carbon Gel Surround
  • 3 piece Interior Dress Up Kit (Passenger dash strip, Sync 3 light strip & Heater control light strip)
  • Steering Wheel Gel Strips (Set of 2)
  • Door Grab Handle Gel Strips (Set of 2)
  • Air Vent Direction Handle Gel Strips (Set of 4)
  • Gear Shift Gator Surround Gel

Add-ons available at an additional charge:

  • Standard Speaker Grill Gel Set (set of 2 plain gel circular overlays)
  • B&o Speaker Gel Badge Set (Set of 3)

Please note that extra care should be taken when handling theses products as the item could become easily stretched out of shape if pulled too heavily