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#Enhanced Edition Independent Chaser Grille Light Kit

#Enhanced Edition Independent Chaser Grille Light Kit


All the colours of the rainbow - at once!



You've seen our chaser halos, but what about our chaser grilles?

This fully independent and self serving kit allows you to install an LED strip behind your grille and use your phone to choose from any colour you want - or several at the same time.

Fully plug and play and easily installed this kit has a far superior output to any other grille light kit, Providing both stylish looks and excellent performance.

Whats in the Kit?

  • 1x Bluetooth Receiver
  • 1x Power wiring loom with inline fuse
  • 2 LED Strips
  • 1x Fitting Kit
  • Instructions


The kit is very easily installed, taking power from your car battery and fully controlled by your mobile phone. The LED strip is provided with an amount of self adhesive clips which can be used to place your LED strip behind the grille, alternatively you can use a form of adhesive to secure in place, EG Tiger Seal (Not provided)


The product is provided with a 12 Months guarantee as standard, Unless stated on the product packaging. If the packaging states more than 12 months, the product packaging must be kept to retain the extended warranty.

Vehicle Fitment:

Some vehicles may use different types of bulbs depending on spec levels - For example, a special edition vehicle (Such as Ford "ST" or VW "GTi") may have a different light unit to a standard spec. If this item is listed on your vehicle catergory please confirm that it is the correct fitment for your vehicle by checking your item prior to ordering.

The installation of LED's may trigger a Dashboard Error Message which is a harmless side effect of lower powered units, if this occurs for you please refer to our FAQ's. 

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Production & Shipping

Most CEUK / Enhanced Performance products are shipped withing 1 to 3 working days* with the exception of a few items made to order.

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