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#Enhanced Edition Glove Box Strip Light

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Add some ambience to your interior with our latest #Enhanced product!

The Enhanced Edition Glove box strip light either adds the feature to Fiestas without the strip, or replaces the OEM strip for a brighter version or a different colour.

The strip comes on as soon as you switch your ignition on, meaning the light will shine while the vehicle is in use! You can also select to add the additional permanent footwell kit to the loom which will provide you with ultra bright footwell panels which again will be on whilst you drive!

Ultra bright and easy to fit this can be installed in less than 10 minutes, with the strip sitting in the gap on the MK7 Fiesta where ford would usually insert the OEM part!

No cutting, No Splicing, Everything you need to install this plug and play kit the #Enhanced way is provided!


Simply plug the plug and play loom into your fuse box where specified and secure the LED strip in place using the 3M Strong adhesive backing supplied


1x Plug and Play Wiring loom

1x Enhanced Edition LED Strip in chosen colour with built in 3M Adhesive

1x Alcohol wipe to clean area prior to application

Instructions Manual


Fitting is very simple and straight forward and a full instructions manual is provided. We recommend you having a basic knowledge before attempting to fit

Tools Required: 10mm Socket & Driver/Ratchet

2 Years Warranty provided with this product!

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