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Enhanced Performance By CEUK

Enhanced Performance Torque Mount - MK8 Fiesta

Enhanced Performance Torque Mount - MK8 Fiesta


For those who want to feel their car!

We give you the CEUK torque mount for the MK8 Fiesta

Supplied with a solid Black CNC housing and black colour coded bushes this really is the one!

Designed to feel in between yellow & purple bushes, giving a true feel to the vehicle without rattling your teeth out!


  • Reduced Wheel Hop
  • Instant put down of power
  • Smoother more efficient power tracks.

Features the CEUK "C" carved into one side, with the workshop logo engraved on the other and Team CEUK down the base!

If fitted correctly this is your greatest tool!


Please note: torque mounts can not be returned!

Protected by UK Copyright Law: Ref 6122260

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