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Sail Flags

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The 99% translucent material ensures your message is visible on both sides!

choose your flag size option 1: 66cm (2.2ft) x 184cm (6.1ft ) or option 2: 66cm (2.2ft) x 100cm (3.3ft) With options for both indoor and outdoor promotions, you'll be laughing off the competition!

Portable Sail Flags and flag poles

Portable feather Sail flags are designed to enhance business premises by attracting new customers.

Advertising flags are perfect for any business large or small.

Our custom printed Portable feather Sail flags are manufactured here in the UK and are available in a range of sizes, they offer a versatile, high impact display solution for any indoor or outdoor environment, offering maximum brand visibility and marketing presence.

Our Portable Sail Flags come as a ready-to-use kit. Our event Sail Flags are a versatile promotional tool Eye-catching