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#Enhanced Edition RGB Fog Lights - Bluetooth Controlled

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Our Brand new RGB Fog Light kit is now available!

This kit will fit in any vehicle that takes H8 or H11 fog lights

Connected direct to the battery this kit can be used when the car is both switched on and off, making it perfect for show use as well as day time driving.

Low voltage and low power consumption makes this kit perfect for any vehicle!


  • 144 Different Solid Colours
  • 8 different feature modes, giving upto 75 different settings/features.
  • Low Power Consumption
  • H8 and H11 fitment
  • Plug and play - takes minutes to fit


The bluetooth module connects direct to your battery giving it constant power and allowing you to use the fogs whenever you want by simply switching them on via your smart phone. Simply download our app and control the various settings with the touch of a button, Features include

  • Pre Set mode (20 pre set modes programmed into the app such as colour fade)
  • Camera Mode - Take a photo of a colour the light will instantly go that colour
  • DJ Mode - Dance to music saved on your phone
  • Voice mode - reacts to the sound of your voice
  • Single colour mode - choose from over 144 different solid colours.
  • and more many more


  • 2x H8/11 RGB Fog Light Bulbs
  • 1x Bluetooth Module (Fuse protected)
  • 1x Wiring Loom
  • 1x Fitting Kit

5 Years warranty on CEUK RGB Products

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