Ford Performance Cut-out Sun Strip

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  • Sun strip with "Ford Performance" Text cut out of the sun strip its self.
  • This is designed around the Ford Fiesta MK8 (text positioning) but should be suitable for other makes and models.
  • This has been designed to work out 18cm overall sun strip depth at the centre point (becomes wider at the ends), with the text fitting centrally. This is the deepest available before intruding the cameras & sensors of the mk8 fiesta
  • Sun strip comes 1.4m long by 25cm deep (becomes 18cm deep once text aligned centrally and trimmed on the screen).
  • Available in a choice of colours
  • Edges are trimmed off after fitting for a perfect fit and finish.

It is advisable to have the sun strip fitted by a professional, but we do a fitting guide - Any damage to the strip, or car, caused by poor application can not be covered by PrintPeel&Stick